Me (freedomreigns) wrote in the_few,

Want to be a bootcamp recruit?

Please comment here, but know that you're up for a tough challenge!

We'll help you meet your goals, but we'll make sure you're accountable!
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I`d like to join.
Welcome aboard, future recruit!

December 30 or 31 information will be posted on how and when to report for duty.
I want to be recruited! Someone please contact me and let me know, AIM S/n:Sparkey69x
Get your an LJ account and comment back here, then you're in!
Lemme in, man.
Welcome aboard! Look out for information to be posted here on Dec 30 or 31 about how and when to report!
I'm so up for the challenge. I've been doing the 28 day plan for a bit but it's time to kick it into high gear for the new year. I can't wait to find out more about the challenge.
Much love,
I would like to join.
Sounds like a nice, torturous blast :D
I can't wait.
youre in
Sure I would like to join. Count me in!
you're in
I may be the dumbest gal alive, but I'm replying here b/c I hav no where else to reply as far as I can see. I have talked to you (Jess) a couple times on AOL (I'm jaycapike) and was gung-ho for being a squad leader. Reviewing all these lovely ladies' comments, I understand that I may not be a good candidate - I'm a softie, deep down, with others tho not with myself. I wouldn't be able to say "Bitch! Get your ass up and run!" I'm more likely to say 'Sweetie, it's ok, we can do it tomorrow, we can do it, dont you worry." I guess that makes me a people-wuss.
I still crave to be part of the challenge - I promise to stick with it as best I can and report when I don't. I am honest and loyal and dedicated. I can't wait to start.
I really a squad leader -- so guess what -- you're it!
I'm up for it! And need it.
great! you're in!
im in. i think you're suppose to sign up on the 28th of each month (and it's the 31st) but i was wondering if i could still be part of it? thanks
no worries -- you're in!
Ok, ready to go! Just can't seem to find the info lol
Dude, what happened to this project? I'm all ready and all psyched to get going on it. If you need any help getting it ready then let me know, I'm glad to help out :)
Can I join or is it too late?
Get over to squad_one, and double time it! You're in!
Hi! I'd also like to join, I know it is too late for Jan, but I would like to join for February, do I have to wait to post? BTW, thanks for making such an awesome community!!!
If you'd like to join the January challenge, and can report there by this time tomorrow morning, you're in! squad_three is where you'll be.
is it too late to join? =/ i just now heard about this community from a like to join
If you report to squad_two and double-time it, you're in.
im up for it.i joined.
hi^^ I got invited to this group a really long time ago and didn't check my emails forever..sigh...

my weight fluctuates like nobody's business and it needs to stop going up. I've been doing so badly for the past 3 months and I feel sick thinking about it.
I need some motivation!!

cw:106-118(I was 118 on Wednesday and 4 days later, the scale says 106(WTF?))

I like EGL...if anyone knows what that is...

yes! i have been trying since forever but when i found ur site at GJ i discovered u moved to LJ. Im up to ne thing!
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