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Bootcamp Challenge

The Toughest Civilian Challenge Out There

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TO JOIN YOU MUST COMMENT TO THE THREAD TITLED, "Do you want to be a bootcamp recruit?"

This is a month-long diet and fitness challenge. It WILL be tough and intense.

We begin the first of every month.

All helper applications must be received by 12:01am EST the 21st of each month. (To find out about being a BootCamp helper, check out the_few_helpers)

All participant applications must be received by 12:01am EST the 28th of each month.

Everyone must report in to their squads no later than 11:59pm EST first day of the challenge.

(*)You will report in at least every 48 hours
(*)You have ample time to perform required exercise (up to several hours per day in the worst of scenarios, but normally about two hours per day)
(*)You will devise a nutrition plan and stick to it. Help is available from the HN (Health/Nutrition) Leader, your Squad Leader, and myself.
(*)You're up for a month-long challenge!